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We are a Professional Law Corporation that understand how important it is to protect your freedom that can be taken away by a DUI conviction. Our firm provides aggressive criminal defense representation to anyone facing these charges. As a Chico DUI attorney, I investigate every aspect of the case for potential defenses.

IMPORTANT: You have 10 CALENDAR DAYS after your DUI arrest to CALL the DMV and arrange a DMV hearing before your license is suspended. WE WILL CALL FOR YOU FREE OF CHARGE. DUI Lawyer Chico

Our representation puts the evidence into question from beginning to end. Some of the information that we look for includes:

Reason for the Stop

Most DUI arrests begin with a traffic stop. This may be a stop initiated by a law enforcement officer or it may be at a sobriety checkpoint. If the law enforcement officer did not have the legal right to stop you, we will diligently argue that your constitutional rights preclude the admission of any damaging evidence that resulted.

Probable Cause

Although the law enforcement officer only needs reasonable suspicion to stop a vehicle, he or she must have probable cause to initiate a DUI investigation. This requires that the officer must be able to articulate why he or she suspects that you were drinking and driving. In some cases, law enforcement officers may claim that they suspected the person of driving under the influence because they smelled alcohol on the driver’s breath. However, this alone is not proof of intoxication but only of some consumption of alcohol. An officer may state that a person’s eyes were red or watery, but this may be due to environmental factors, fatigue or illness. Our experienced Chico DUI lawyers will fight to protect your rights and will assert defenses that apply to your case.

Field Sobriety Tests

Many DUI investigations include administering one or several field sobriety tests. However, for these tests to yield accurate results, they must be conducted in a very stringent manner. If a law enforcement officer deviates from the accepted procedure, the results may not be valid. Our Chico DUI attorneys will put in question the validity of these tests

Blood, Urine or Breath Tests

Not all medical tests yield a valid result. Breathalyzer machines must be recalibrated and maintained in a certain condition in order to yield accurate results. If blood or urine tests do not have a proper chain of custody, their results may be called into question. Experienced DUI attorneys can investigate each aspect of the case to determine any and all viable defenses.

Aggressive Chico DUI Attorneys Who Fight for Your Rights

Amaya & Associates Attorneys at Law is a client-based law firm that aggressively fights for our clients’ rights. We know the strategies that prosecutors and law enforcement officers use in order to convict individuals of DUI. We carefully analyze each factor involved in your case from beginning to end. California has some of the harshest penalties for DUI in the country, and we fight zealously to protect our clients’ rights. Our vast experience with DUI cases uniquely provides us with the background and knowledge to challenge any charges.

Furthermore, in California, you only have 10 days to fight against a suspension of your driver’s license. We can represent you in DMV hearings so that you can minimize the effects of a DUI arrest. Speak to one of our Chico DUI lawyers today to represent you through the criminal proceedings and fight to negotiate a dismissal.

We can also explain your options, including the possibility of receiving a lesser sentence after a plea negotiation with prosecutors. A DUI conviction can lead to many negative results, including jail time, fines and the loss of your driving privileges. In some cases, a conviction may also result in the loss of your job.

It is important to take these charges seriously and to receive advice from a legal representative who is familiar with California DUI law. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation regarding your DUI case with one of our seasoned Chico DUI lawyers.

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