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If you are getting a divorce in Northern California, you need a family law attorney who is familiar with the local court system. Divorce is a common but complex legal process. Rarely is the solution easy and an experienced divorce lawyer is an essential partner in the proceedings. There are many topics to consider, including child related topics such as child visitation, child support and child custody.  Other important issues include spousal support, property division and pet custody.  Family Law Attorneys at Amaya & Associates will fight for your legal rights through every step of the case.  Consult with a Chico divorce attorney today.Chico Divorce Lawyersstreaming film The Boss Baby 2017

Do I Need a Chico Divorce Lawyer?

It is likely that a divorce process will not be an amicable experience and you need a professional lawyer who can be sure your voice is heard, even if you are struggling with the emotional aspects of divorce. In some cases, violence, abuse, unfaithfulness, or something more than simply “irreconcilable differences” is a contributing factor. If one spouse was notably dependent on the other for financial support, he or she may be entitled to spousal support. This adds another level to the legal proceedings that will require additional time and involvement. No relationship is simple, and so no divorce will be either.

How Will Divorce Affect My Children?

When children are produced in a marriage, they are considered in several ways through the divorce proceedings. First, the issue of custody must be addressed. One parent is often given custody of the children, but the other may be given visitation rights. Specific details of the schedule will be included in the final decision. The non-custodial spouse may also be required to pay child support on behalf of the dependent minor children. This is determined through a complicated formula that takes many factors into account.

Property Division and Personal Assets

All property that belongs to one or both spouses must be divided as part of the divorce agreement. Any financial or physical assets with a value will need to be assessed. Additional property such as the marital residence, vehicles, and other significant property will also be considered. If one or both partners own a business, its assets must also be valued and divided. It is likely that some intangible assets will not have an easily-determined value and this can be particularly difficult. The division of property is a complex process, whether you have significant wealth or not. It is important that you have an attorney assist you at this juncture.

Successfully Representing Our Clients Every Day

Divorce proceedings is an emotional experience that requires quick action and attention to detail. There are many other elements that ca come into play. The attorneys at Amaya & Associates will aggressively fight for your rights and get the results you need. Rarely is a divorce completed through an uncontested dissolution, so it is almost certain that your divorce will require legal representation. You want someone on your team who will cover every detail and work professionally to help you.

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