Family Law Attorney Chico CA

Family Law Lawyer Chico CA

There are many areas of law, but perhaps the most emotionally overwhelming is family law. Families that are involved in the process of divorce, separation or child custody disputes are often embroiled in an intense and complex process. These cases are more complicated because they involve legal issues as well as family dynamics that often go back many years. Individuals who are going through a difficult family legal issue can find the process and experience exhausting. When a family is facing a difficult legal issue that will require the intervention of the judicial system, a compassionate Chico family law attorney can provide the attention and assistance needed.

Divorce Lawyer Chico CA

An experienced family law attorney can assess the legal issues involved in a case and use his or her knowledge of California family law to make recommendations. An experienced lawyer is aware of the potential complications of handling family legal issues in the courtroom. Consult with a family law attorney in Chico CA who will explain the benefits and risks of pursuing legal action through this channel so that you can make an informed decision about how to proceed with your case. Making a decision of this nature requires a careful analysis of the emotional, legal and financial aspects of the case. A solution that works for one family may not be ideal for another family.

Dedication and Experience When it Matters Most

Amaya & Associates represents families in all types of family law matters. Some of the cases that our firm handles include cases involving:

Our family law attorneys can assist people with acquiring a legal separation from a spouse. This action is important for spouses who want to financially and legally distance themselves but who are not yet ready for a divorce.

Our experienced family law lawyers can also assist individuals who are going through divorce. We represent individuals who file for divorce, as well as those who receive a petition for divorce. We can help our clients with all aspects of divorce, including spousal support, property divisions, child custody and child support.

Child Custody, Visitation and Parenting Plans
Our compassionate team of family attorneys works to help clients obtain custody, negotiate custody arrangements, secure visitation rights and mediate parenting plans. We put your children’s interests first and help convince judges, mediators and other interested parties of the strength of your position. Whether you need legal assistance to help convince a judge that you should be the primary custodian or you need an advocate during a parenting plan mediation, we are here to help.

Child Support
Our extensive knowledge of the child support tables, formulas and factors that affect deviations from the guidelines equips us with the knowledge and skill set to assist clients. Whether you are wanting to obtain an award, modify an existing order or challenge an order, we can help.

Spousal Support
Not all California divorces and separations result in spousal support. However, California courts do wish to provide both parties with financial stability after a divorce. If you are eligible for spousal support, we can ask the court to order it. If you believe that your spouse is not entitled to support, we can use the spousal support factors to challenge a request of this nature.

Children benefit from having both parents actively involved in their lives and knowing who their parents are. We help provide this clarity by affirming paternity or contesting paternity when a party does not believe that he is the child’s father. Once paternity is established, fathers can petition for other rights related to their child, such as visitation.

Discuss Your Case with a Qualified Chico Family Law Attorney

Amaya & Associates is here to help families throughout Butte County who are dealing with difficult family law issues. Schedule a time to come visit with a Chico family law lawyer in our firm to learn about your rights and the options that are available to you. We can answer any questions that you have about the process of moving forward with a case and what alternatives may be available in your case.

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