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Criminal Defense Attorney Chico

When you or someone you know has been implicated in a crime or find yourself involved in the criminal justice system, you need a competent criminal defense attorney Chico firm that knows how to defend your rights and get you the best possible deal.

From DUI to felony and domestic violence, facing charges in Chico and throughout the norther California area, the system is designed to work against you. The law is also constantly evolving, often without notice. In fact, California has introduced a series of new laws for 2016. Amaya & Associates Attorney at Law believes the best defense is knowledge. The following is a brief description of 11 new laws that will impact California cases:

  • Insurance fraud and recording piracy were added to the list of crimes in which the accused’s assets can be seized.
  • The governor of California has signed into law a bill that says any weapon owner deemed a threat can have that weapon seized if a third party gets a restraining order against the owner.
  • Law enforcement agencies throughout California must have a system in place by 2018 that reports data in cases of “stop-and-frisk,” including reason and outcome.
  • The debate over retrieving DNA samples has reached one plateau. The state will no longer collect samples from suspects of non-violent and non-serious felonies.
  • The state will initiate programs that provide former inmates with human services like housing, mental health and substance abuse assistance.
  • Law enforcement will now need to have a court order to handle electronics that they want to inspect, including phones and computers.
  • Two new matters of law affect the incarcerated: (i) parole boards must consider release of prisoners found suitable to leave and (ii) parole boards must consider release of offenders who committed their crime before the age of 23.
  • Law enforcement will need a search warrant before reviewing text messages, private emails, GPS and other data stored in the cloud, on laptops and in smartphones.
  • Gun owners with concealed carry permits can no longer carry firearms on a college campus.
  • Immigrants without legal status who become victims of violent crime will be issued a special visa allowing them to stay in California.
  • In answer to the growth in “revenge porn” — posting online nude or sexual content of another person in order to embarrass that person — prosecutors can seek forfeiture of any images used in the crime as well as the device used to collect the images.

Considering the way the law can change and affect the outcome of your case, you need the experience of a criminal defense attorney Chico law firm that will vigorously represents you. Experienced Chico lawyers that knows the legal process.  Whether the case involves juvenile offenders, misdemeanors, felonies, drug charges or domestic violence, our Chico criminal defense attorneys are here to resolve your case. Contact us and get a free consultation today.

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