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Defensa Penal

Al ser arrestado o acusado de un crimen, ya sea que se trate de un delito grave o de un delito menor, necesita un abogado de defensa criminal con experiencia, que pueda luchar agresivamente por sus derechos legales. Tener antecedentes penales puede afectar de inmediato la perspectiva de su futuro y su capacidad de mantener a su familia.

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DUI Attorneys Chico CA


Hemos manejado cientos de casos relacionados con arrestos por DUI (conducir bajo la influencia de alcohol o drogas) en el norte de California. Usted necesita un abogado con experiencia en DUI de su lado, que esté familiarizado con los tribunales, jueces y fiscales de distrito locales. Llame hoy mismo pare una consulta gratis.

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Car Accident Lawyers Chico

Lesiones Personales

Como abogado de lesiones personales, he ayudado a muchas personas a conseguir una compensación financiera por lesiones debido a la negligencia de otra persona. Las lesiones personales pueden tener consecuencias médicas permanentes. Como resultado, usted puede tener derecho a una indemnización por todo, desde su lesión, dolor y sufrimiento, hasta la pérdida de salarios actuales y futuros.

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Exceptional Ability & Experience

We understand this can be a difficult time in your life dealing with your legal situation and choosing the right attorney can be a challenging decision. At Amaya & Associates we are compassionate and detailed oriented attorneys that will decisively protect your rights.  As a well respected firm, our lawyers are devoted to win, treat every client with respect, and a desire to make things right for our clients.

What Sets us Apart

Every case – whether it is a criminal, DUI, personal injury or family law issue, it is thoroughly reviewed from a teamwork approach and frequently two attorneys are assigned to each case. The benefit to our clients is that this allows us to combine skills to find creative solutions to your legal matters. A complete investigation will be conducted into the circumstances and facts surrounding your legal situation. Our criminal defense attorneys in Chico will work to uncover evidence that is favorable to your case and fully investigate the evidence presented against you.

Our team of personal injury lawyers is a committed  to provide you the personalized expert attention you deserve. We represent individuals and families through assertive representation and take pride in our dedication to resolve your case with the maximum compensation.

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Over 40 Years of Combined Experience

Lawyer knowledgeable about all local courts, judges and district attorneys



Client Satisfaction

The majority of our referrals are made by previously satisfied client with our legal representation




(English) I am a business owner and my driver’s license is very important to make a living. I was emotionally devastated when I was arrested………

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About the Firm
Our Law Firm provides each client with attentive, personalized legal services and representation. You can count on us to find the best solution to your legal situation. We prepare to fight at every step and strive to achieve the results that matter to you

Maria J. Amaya, Attorney

Compromiso & Integridad

Nuestra firma trata a cada cliente con respeto y atención personal. Hemos logrado y Representó profesionalmente a miles de clientes durante los últimos 14 años. Nuestra mayor fuerza es Nuestra experiencia y concentración en múltiples áreas del derecho. Este conocimiento y experiencia Nosotros para revisar su caso desde diferentes perspectivas legales e identificar las mejores soluciones. Entregamos resultados

Obtener la Representación Necesitas

Choosing The Right Attorney Can Make All The Difference

If you or your loved are facing a legal situation, seek immediate advice. Our lawyer have expert skills in the areas of Criminal Defense, DUI, Personal Injury and Family Law. We strive to help every individual with superior legal representation.

Laywers You Can Trust

Experienced and aggressive attorneys you can count on. Our clients receive instant advice and counsel from the moment they speak to our team of lawyers. We understand that legal problems can have serious consequences on individuals and families. Our goal is to protect your future from potentially devastating consequences. Let us help you.

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