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Juvenile Crimes Attorney

Chico Juvenile Crimes Attorney

    Chico Juvenile Crimes Attorney: Protecting Your Child’s Future


    Hire A Chico Juvenile Crime Attorney

    One of the scariest moments a parent may face is when they get a call from the police about their child. It can be especially devastating if your child is arrested and charged with a crime.

    You want the best for your child—and that does not include jail time. You must get instant advice and support throughout this process and that will come with the skills of a knowledgeable Chico juvenile crime lawyer. The  Juvenile crimes are usually include one of the following:

    drug possession
    theft or shoplifting
    gang affiliations
    weapons possession
    minor in possession

    Each of these crimes will result in a different penalty for your child if convicted. You need a juvenile defense lawyer that is skilled at handling each type of crime. You might be surprised to hear this, but you as a parent could also face penalties. Juvenile law is much different than the adult court system, and you and your family need an attorney you can trust throughout this process. Speak to a Chico juvenile crimes attorney today!

    Possible Penalties Your Child Could Face

    The juvenile system treats the child as a social problem, with public safety as the main goal. Juveniles are considered to be different than adults because their brains have not yet fully developed. The focus in this system is on rehabilitation rather than solely on punishment. Depending on the severity of the crime and the age of the offender, probation, rehabilitative services, counseling or community service are all valid outcomes.

    In the juvenile system, your child still has 5th amendment rights and the right to be represented by an attorney. Your child does not have the right to a jury trial. If the court denies the parents custody of the child during the proceedings, the child will have to stay in a juvenile detention facility while the case is decided.

    However, some courts will prosecute the child as an adult in specific types of cases. If the child is at least 14, certain sex crimes and murder will always be treated much more seriously. The courts may choose to bypass the juvenile system altogether and charge the child in an adult setting. In extreme situations, your child could also face incarceration and a sentence befitting an adult.

    Why Should You Hire a Chico Juvenile Defense Attorney?

    Hiring an expert Chico criminal defense attorney that will aggressively defend your child is very important. Our team of juvenile defense lawyers will know how to proactively combat all charges so that your child’s rights are protected.
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