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    How to Expunge Your Criminal Record in California

    Do you want to get your record expunged? A clean record can offer you many benefits that you might not otherwise receive. You’ll have better access to jobs and educational opportunities. Hire an experienced Chico Defense lawyer to help you through the expungement process. We have are successful with over 98% of expungement cases.  Consult with a Chico expungement attorney today!


    Who Can Get Their Record Expunged?

    If you have finished your probation successfully, you may be eligible for an expungement. You must also not have any other criminal charges filed against you and must be free of all probations and sentences. As soon as you have achieved this, you are able to start the process of getting your record expunged. However, if you served a sentence at a state prison, you may not be eligible.

    In addition, if you committed a sex crime against a child, you will never be able to get your record expunged. Probation violations do not automatically make it impossible to get your record expunged. The judge will examine the mitigating factors at hand, such as the severity of the original crime, other crimes committed (if any) and how strong your community ties are.

    If you can prove that expunging your record will benefit you and your family directly, the judge may still consider you as a viable candidate.

    The Steps of the Expungement Process

    There are multiple steps in the expungement process, and it is very helpful to have a skilled Chico defense lawyer attorney on your side. First, our defense attorneys will determine if the crimes you’ve been convicted allow for expungement. Appropriate legal research is essential to backing up your case for getting your records expunged.

    Next, your lawyer must file the correct papers within the set time frames. You must notify the prosecutor within 15 days of your expungement hearing so that they have time to object if they plan on doing so. Our lawyer will request a hearing and in most situations you do not need to be present at this hearing.

    What are the Benefits of an Expunged Record?

    An expunged record will give you another opportunity. Your future employer will never be able to hold your record against you. If you were arrested but not convicted, you will not have to disclose that you have criminal activity on your record. They will also be unable to make determinations for your employment based on past convictions. However, there are certain ways that an expungement will not help you. You will still not be able to own a firearm.

    It will not negate a license suspension. An expunged record will not protect you from registering as a sex offender if you are required to do so. No matter what, you should have a second chance at your life. Get a free consultation from one of our dedicated and experienced expungement attorneys and start the process today.

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