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Chico Domestic Violence Attorney

    Chico Domestic Violence Attorney: Protecting Your Rights and Reputation

    What Should I Do If I’ve Been Accused of Domestic Violence?

    When you’re facing a domestic violence charge, you’re experiencing a high level of stress and emotion. Don’t deal with this alone. You need high-quality advice and input from an attorney who knows how to expertly handle your situation. Follow these guidelines to address your domestic violence accusation.  Most important consult with a Chico domestic violence attorney immediately!  Maria J. Amaya will help you find solutions and defenses to your legal situation.


    Hire A Chico Domestic Violence Attorney

    It will benefit your case to immediately hire domestic violence attorney in Chico to represent you throughout the proceedings. Domestic violence charges are filed quickly. You don’t have a spare minute in this setting.

    By utilizing the experience of an expert law firm, you’re ensuring that your charges will possibly be reduced, dropped or dismissed if they do make it into court. An attorney might even be able to prevent the charges from being filed in the first place. When your defense attorney has a head start, the prosecution will be less likely to control the outcome of the charges.

     Consult with one of our Chico Domestic Violence Lawyers Today

    Do you believe you have been falsely accused? This is the case for many domestic violence cases. In order to prove your innocence, you need a fast-acting lawyer who is on your side.

    Make sure you don’t discuss the case with anyone but your lawyer. Never put yourself in a situation where you are alone with your accuser. Exercise your right to silence and remember that anything you say can and will be used against you in court. You should only talk about the charges with your attorney.

    What You Can Expect From the Legal Process

    The process for dealing with domestic violence charges will change depending on the scope and nature of the alleged crime. Some of the specifics that will dictate the extent of the charges. Whether or not there was physical violence and documented suffered injuries will result in more severe outcomes than if verbal abuse or threats were involved.

    Each domestic violence case is detail-specific, and you should talk about your personal matter with our Chico domestic violence attorneys.

    Consequences if Charged or Convicted

     Domestic violence charges, even charges that are dismissed, are harmful to the reputation of the accused. If you are falsely accused and never convicted, the charges can still have a lasting effect on your future. Depending on the nature of the domestic violence charge, convictions can result in community service to many years of prison time.

    In cases where the convicted has no criminal history and the infraction included only minimal injuries, the charges tend to involve restitution payments, fines, counseling and public service assignments. The convicted will also be on an extended probation, which can last for years.

    Ultimately, the outcome of your domestic violence case will depend on the skill of your attorney. Cases that are carefully handled can end with a reduced sentence. In certain instances, the charges could even be dismissed. It’s up to you to take the first step and hire an attentive attorney to handle your domestic violence charges.  Free Consultation

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