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Chico Violent Crimes Attorney

    Chico Violent Crimes Attorney: Aggressive Defense for Serious Charges

    Have You Been Charged With a Violent Crime?

    If you have been charged with a violent crime, you should hire an experienced Chico criminal defense attorney immediately. Violent crimes are widespread throughout the northern California. California courts and lawmakers are cracking down on violent offenses more than any other time in history.

    In some cases, innocent people are wrongfully accused. Regardless of your situation, you need the knowledge of a skilled Chico violent crimes attorney on your side to defend your legal rights.


    What Types of Crimes Are Classified as Violent?

    California’s violent crimes range in definition, and each crime has its own set of penalties based on the degree of conviction. Violent crimes include murder, voluntary manslaughter, assault, criminal threats, carjacking, arson, kidnapping, and crimes that occur with the use of a deadly weapon or gun. Domestic violence and stalking are also considered violent crimes.

    How Can I Defend Myself From False Accusations?

    Due to the rise of violent crimes, police are eager to pinpoint the perpetrators and put a stop to the violence. Fabricated evidence or false witnesses may also have placed the blame incorrectly on you.

    Prosecutors may want to make you the scapegoat even though the evidence doesn’t stack up. Do not face these accusations alone. Hire an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney at Maria Amaya, A Professional Law Corporation who will aggressively protect you from prosecution. Self-defense is a viable excuse for certain types of violent crimes, especially if you thought your life was in imminent danger.

    A skilled criminal defense attorney knows that your life is important and that you must defend yourself. Investigating the evidence is crucial to keep you from going to jail or prison. Careful examination of all the facts and a strong defense will often reduce the sentence or cause the charges to be dropped altogether. At Amaya & Associates we know how ho to fight these charges.

    What Happens After the Charges Are Filed | Consult with a Chico Violent Crimes Attorney

    If you or one of your loved ones has been charged with a violent crime, you need immediate representation. It is important that a knowledgeable attorney with years of handling criminal defense cases is present throughout the legal process. Hire a trusted Chico criminal defense attorney right away so that you can receive fair and honest representation.

    The implications of a violent crime charge can have long-lasting negative effects on your future, regardless if the charges end with a conviction. Call our office today to request a  Free Consultation.

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