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Chico Truck Accident Lawyer

    Chico Truck Accident Lawyer: Protecting Victims and Pursuing Fairness

    Large trucks, often called big rigs or eighteen-wheelers, are a common sight on the highway and other streets. They move goods across the country and benefit the economy in many ways. If you shop in a store or order something online, it is likely that one of these drivers contributed to your purchase.

    Although drivers are generally attentive, mistakes do happen. If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck accident with one of these vehicles, it is important to call our office and seek the legal advice of a Chico truck accident lawyer, experienced in big rig accidents.

    Truck accident are complex and there are many important issues that require immediate investigation.  It is important to hire a big rig accidents attorney that can quickly investigate the scene, review possible false driving logs and improper truck weight and loading.  Our lawyers are aware of these contributing situations and many others.  Call a Chico truck accident attorney and received a free case evaluation.

    Contributing Causes to Truck Accidents

    Truck accidents can be caused by a number of factors. In many cases, the sheer size of the vehicle is a contributing factor. These trucks have blinds spots where even a larger vehicle may be unseen. Most have signage on the back to remind other drivers that if you cannot see the driver’s mirror, he or she cannot see you.

    Large vehicles and shipping trucks are also difficult to maneuver, even for the experienced driver. The driver must be cautious when turning, merging, or stopping with appropriate preparation. A large vehicle needs more room to stop than a smaller one. When a truck driver loses control or the vehicle jackknifes, the result is particularly dangerous.

    The vehicle will jerk sideways across several highway lanes and can affect a large number of other drivers. Trucks of all sizes that are carrying items can drop the load onto the street, creating an obstacle and potentially a dangerous hazard. Although there are various laws in place, both federal and state, some drivers are pushed to work long hours and take few breaks.

    Fatigue affects all drivers and slows reaction time, but when this leads to an accident, the responsible party should be held accountable. No matter what the cause of the accident, it is important to hire an attorney to represent your interests.

    As a Victim You Have Rights

    If you have been injured as a truck accident victim, you have the same rights as a person injured by any other type of driver. Most trucking companies have an immense insurance policy and retain lawyers for this specific type of incident. You may be entitled to payment for medical costs, damage to your vehicle or personal property, time away from work, and other hardships.

    Working with a Chico Truck Accident Attorney

    If you or a loved one has been involved in a truck accident, contact Amaya & Associates. Our big rig accident attorneys have extensive experience with personal injury law. For accidents involving a national shipping company, the process can be more complex. You need an attorney to represent you and navigate the complex laws of California and any other states involved. If you are in the Butte County area or specifically, in Chico, California

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