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    DUI Lawyers in Chico: Strategies for Field Sobriety Test Defense Chico Dui Attorney

    Driving under the influence of alcohol is a poor choice, but one that many people make. If you were arrested for drunk driving, hiring an experienced Chico DUI attorney can make a big difference in on the outcome of your case. As DUI lawyers in Chico, we have handled thousands of DUI related cases. Call our office receive the advice from a field sobriety tests attorney today!

    Police officers conduct field sobriety test for the purpose of gathering evidence against you. The following are samples of field sobriety tests administered by most officers. Our DUI defense Lawyers will review each test to ensure that they will properly administer. It is important to call our office now, as these tests are crucial to your defense.

    The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test

    The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) Test is performed by a police officer and based on his or her judgment. The officer will hold a pen or similar object in the line of vision and move it horizontally. The driver should follow the pen with his or her eyes. If the eyes move abnormally, this can be a sign of intoxication.

    The Walk-and-Turn Test

    The Walk-and-Turn Test is as simple as it sounds. The driver is asked to walk a set number of steps along a straight line. Feet are placed heel to toe and arms are held straight out. Upon counting to the end, he or she should turn and walk back the same way. The police officer observes to ensure directions are followed, the steps are balanced, and the individual does not stop at any point. If the driver does not follow directions accurately, he or she is presumed to be over the legal blood alcohol limit.

    The One-Leg-Stand Test

    The One-Leg-Stand Test is equally self-explanatory. The driver is asked to stand on one leg with the other about six inches above the ground for 30 seconds. The police officer observes to ensure that the driver does not sway, hop, or put the foot down.

    Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS): Key Tool in DUI Detection

    The PAS Device is more commonly called a breathalyzer. The driver is asked to breathe into the device, which measures the amount of alcohol in the breath. This assumes a set ratio in the blood as well. An individual may refuse this test upon being pulled over; however, he or she will be given the test upon being arrested at the police station. Several factors can affect the accuracy of a PAS device.

    DUI Arrests and Blood Tests

    A blood test is the most reliable method for determining an individual’s blood alcohol level. The driver’s blood is drawn and tested using specialized equipment. It is required that the test is performed in a precise way, and the chain of custody is followed and documented.

    One or more of these tests may be submitted as evidence in your case. It is important to speak with a Chico DUI lawyer who is experienced in defending how this evidence was presented against you. Should your case go to trial, you will need assistance from an experienced Chico DUI lawyer.

    We are a Professional Law Corporation that knows that everyone makes mistakes and will aggressively fight to defend you. If you have never been in legal trouble before or arrested for a DUI charge, this can be a very frightening experience. Our DUI lawyers in Chico ready to help you.

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