Chico Child Support Attorney

Chico Child Support Attorney

Child support is a financial payment that is made by one parent for the everyday expenses and daily care of a child. Generally, child support is paid to the other parent but in some cases, it may be provided to another caregiver, such as a guardian. Child support is most often included in the divorce and custody proceedings. This comes with many rules and regulations.  It is essential that you hire a Chico child support attorney that is familiar with local courts who will represent your interest and the interest of your child. Child support is most often paid for all minor children, those under the age of 18. Exceptions are made if the child enters college or marries earlier or if the child has not yet graduated from high school on his or her eighteenth birthday. In the event that the minor child receiving support is disabled, this support may be required to continue beyond the eighteenth birthday indefinitely. There are many factors that play into each case. Attorneys at Amaya & Associates have worked on hundreds of child custody cases and will offer you their best legal representation.

Determining Child Support Payments

In the state of California, there is a specific formula used when calculating the exact child support payment. The court uses a computer system to determine the amount. This method can be confusing and relies on a combination of several different factors. This includes the income of both parents, or the supporting parent and guardian. It also considers all tax deductions, the amount of time the child spends with each parent and the number of children that are being supported. There are many extenuating circumstances that can also be factored into the decision. It is important to talk with one of our attorneys to be sure that all relevant information and factors to determine child support are in your favor.

Why Hire A Chico Child Support Lawyer?

Child support and other family law issues are a personal topic and there is no single solution that works for everyone.  What is very important is that the interests of your child are carefully analyzed so that you can have favorable results. If you are beginning the divorce process or are anticipating a child support issues, contact one of our attorneys today. The family law attorneys at Amaya & Associates will aggressively fight to protect your interests. We are compassionate, but also understand how important it is to know that your child will have future financial support.  Call Amaya & Associates in Chico, California and throughout Butte County to help resolve your case. Schedule a consultation with a child support lawyer today,  (530) 897-3700.

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