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DUI Charges and Your Future A conviction for driving under the influence DUI can have a long lasting impact in you life. The case is stressful and can also be embarrassing. This is even truer for those who are facing this charge for the first time. You may be worried not only about now but also about your future. A DUI can have a lasting impact on your life, and many people become concerned about what it means for their career. Here are six ways that it might affect you significantly. 1. Driver’s License Suspension One of the more immediate concerns when you have been convicted of a DUI is that your driver’s license may be suspended. This issue is handled by the DMV and can be appealed with certain requirements. If your license is suspended, it may become difficult for you to get where you need to be. You may need to seek alternative transportation or depend on others. 2. Missed Work and Appointments Whether your driver’s license is revoked or not you will have specific obligations to the court. You may have meetings with your attorney and court hearings that cannot be missed. Following conviction, you may have requirements for community service, therapy, or meetings with a parole officer that will affect your availability for other events. 3. Job Loss Some employers include being convicted of a crime as grounds for firing. This information may be found in your contract or employee handbook. You may be required to notify them, and the firing may be mandatory. 4. Insurance Rate Increases Even if you do not lose your driver’s license, your vehicle insurance rates may increase. You may also lose coverage entirely. Additionally, if you drive a company vehicle or operate machinery that requires a license, this can affect your job. Your employer’s insurance rates may increase or no longer cover you, resulting in potential job loss. 5. Loss of Other Licensing There are several other types of licenses that may be restricted or revoked in the event of a DUI conviction. For commercial truck drivers, this crime becomes part of your license record for many years and can affect the type of job you may be able to do. If you are a licensed professional, such as a lawyer or doctor, the board must be notified of your conviction. Rules vary by state, but this may result in the cancellation of those as well. 6. Possible Educational Setback If you are applying for higher education or a scholarship, many inquire about criminal convictions. Some colleges do not admit students who have been convicted of a crime, though it may depend on whether it was a misdemeanor or felony. Additionally, this may prevent you from receiving necessary scholarships to fund your education. If you are facing DUI charges, hiring the best Chico DUI attorney is essential. A highly experienced Chico DUI lawyer can make the difference in you future. DUI attorneys at Amaya & Associates are ready to help you fight your DUI charges, obtain reduced charges and in some cases obtain a complete dismissal.

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