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What You Can Expect from a DUI Penalty The penalties for a DUI are stringent in California. Once you are convicted of a DUI, you will need the skills of a seasoned DUI lawyer to make sure that only the minimum fines and restrictions are applied. Hire a DUI defense attorney immediately. DUI convictions will stay on your record for approximately 10 years but our highly skilled attorneys have the ability to protect your rights and successfully handle the evidence against you. In some cases our dui lawyers can dismiss all charges against you. First-Time Offenders For first time DUI offenders, the fine will also include penalties that could equal up to $2600. It depends on the severity of the offense and the level of blood alcohol content. Jail time could be anywhere from 4 days to 6 months. The license of the offender will be suspended for at least 30 days and up to 10 months. Further restrictions could also apply. Depending on the county, an interlock ignition device may be required. All of the penalties listed are the maximum amount. When you trust our DUI defense office to question your charges, at the very least your sentence will likely be much less stringent than normal. Most of all the first time offenders are required to go on probation for an extended period of time. During this probationary period, they may not drive with any amount of blood alcohol content in their system and they may not commit any other misdemeanors. They must submit to a breath test at all times. Second Offense As expected, repeat offenders face a much greater punishment. Jail time increases from 10 days to one year. Fines could range from $1800 to $2800. The license suspension will be for two years. Our DUI defense lawyers may be able to get this reduced to one year. An interlock ignition device will be required on all vehicles once the offender has been rehabilitated and the license reinstated, even with restrictions. Subsequent Offenses DUI convicted offenders who repeat again within 10 years face even harsher punishments for third and subsequent offenses. The costs can go over $18,000 and the license suspension will stretch for three years. Jail time can be assigned in excess of one year. If the convicted DUI offender injures or kills another person while driving under the influence, this can be charged as a penalty and they could spend time in state prison for up to five years. If the convicted has a lengthy record, this sentence could easily be extended. For fourth-time offenders, the judge may automatically consider it a felony even if no one was harmed. Prison time will take place in a state prison for over one year. When a DUI is charged as a felony, your car may be impounded at your expense for up to three months. Successful completion of a rehabilitation program will be necessary to get a license in the future. A top-notch DUI defense attorney will fight for your rights in front of a judge who may not see your side of the story. You will get an advocate who can cause others to listen and feel compassion for you, even if you’ve made a mistake. If you’re looking for a DUI defense attorney for you or a loved one, think about the characteristics you want in your lawyer. We provide knowledgeable advice and can guide you through the intense California DUI court process.

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