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The issue of paternity is that of the legal relationship of a father and child. It determines the biological father of a child or children. In the state of California, it is assumed that the children of a married couple are the children of both parents. However, when a couple is not legally married or is unmarried, there may be question about who is the biological father of a child. If you need to establish paternity, seeking the help of a qualified attorney who is experienced in family law may be your best choice. Paternity lawyers at Amaya & Associates can help you determine paternity and the other legal issues that go in hand with the outcome.  It is very important to consult with a Chico paternity attorney today.

Why is Paternity Necessary?

Any time paternity is not certain, a paternity test may be necessary. This is particularly important for unmarried parents of a child.  Paternity is also an important factor in other family issues and may need to be determined for child custody, child support, or visitation rights. In other cases, it may be important to determine paternity for the legal issues of adoption or inheritance. Unmarried parents may voluntarily choose to have a paternity test following the birth of a child. Courts can also require genetic testing. If an individual refuses for any reason, the determination may be made by the courts. In this situation, it is important for you to have appropriate legal support from an attorney. Our paternity attorneys can help you navigate the complex issues of custody, child support payment requirements, and parental visitation schedules.

How Paternity is Determined

A paternity test is a simple procedure that compares the genetic information of the child with that of the assumed father, or in some cases, multiple potential fathers. This involves a simple oral swab or DNA test, which scientifically confirms the results.

Hiring a Chico Paternity Lawyer

The issue of paternity can be emotional, as well as financially challenging. Regardless of your role in the paternity challenge, it is important to seek legal advice. The professionals at Amaya & Associates are on your side and will fight for your legal rights. We are highly experienced in family law and know the ins and outs of California family laws. Our attorneys are committed to resolving your case through peaceful resolution but we are ready to fight in court at every step of the process.  If you are facing a paternity question and need advice, call us today at (530) 897-3700.

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