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White-Collar Crime Charges in California

White-collar crime charges are on the rise. If you have expert criminal defense representation, you can avoid major financial penalties and in some cases, jail time. White-collar crime punishments vary depending on the scope and nature of the offense. It important to call our office so that a skilled Chico criminal defense attorney can make sure you stay protected throughout the legal process. Consult with a Chico white collar crime attorney immediately!

What Is Types of White-Collar Crime?

The many types of white-collar crimes in California include bribery, extortion, forgery, fraud and more. Different types of white-collar crimes have more serious penalties. Bribery is when one party offers goods or services to another party so that they will carry out the wishes of the first party in whatever manner the first party so desires. Extortion is the use of threats or actual violence to get something from someone else. It doesn’t matter if the violence never happened. If the threat can be proven, an extortion conviction can take place. Forgery involves using another’s personal information to gain something on false premises. This usually involves financial accounts like credit cards. Fraud occurs when facts are altered in order to gain something, be it money, property or something else. This can take place between two private parties or between medical professionals and insurance companies. Perjury is another white-collar classified crime that involves swearing by false statements while under oath.

What Should I Do If I Am Being Investigated?

If the police are investigating you or a loved one, now is the time to hire a reliable white-collar crime Criminal Defense Lawyer in Chico. You don’t want to wait until the charges are filed. Our experienced team will take over and implement a widespread investigation to ensure an aggressive defense.

What Can I Expect from a White-Collar Crime Conviction?

White-collar crime convictions can range greatly in the severity of punishment. From fines to time in prison, crimes could also extend to the federal level and that would require a more severe sentencing, depending on the type of felony. No matter what type of white-collar crime, a highly trained Chico defense lawyer by your side is a necessity to ensure a better future for yourself and your family. Call our office today.

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